Application and features

LiteSpeed web server

LiteSpeed is a high-performance commercial web server. It uses less CPU and memory than Apache and this usage stays predictable even with traffic spikes or attacks. Using LiteSpeed web server gives us a number of advantages over our competitors:.

LiteSpeed means faster sites

LiteSpeed handles connections faster and more efficiently, leading to improved static content speed and the fastest web applications. This means web apps like Magento, Wordpress and Joomla run even faster on our servers.

LiteSpeed means better stability

LiteSpeed web server's predictable memory and CPU usage leads to better stability, as everyone on the server uses less resources and you worry less about being slowed down by a resource hungry neighbor.

LiteSpeed means we care about our services

We use LiteSpeed web server because we believe in researching different technologies to bring our users top of the line performance, stability, and security. We wouldn't settle for any less and we hope you're the same. Apache revolutionized the Internet in 1995. Now it's time to make the next jump. Come with us to LiteSpeed.

Spam Experts anti-spam protection

Spam Experts is a premium anti-spam protection that we offer for clients who want to filter up to 100% of the SPAM.

Spam Experts is provided for free on the cPanel web hosting plans

6 Email Facts You Need to Know

1. Email is business critical and the principal medium for written communication in the 21st century.
2. Businesses are frightened at the thought of losing former employees’ communications.
3. 96% of the world’s email traffic is spam.
4. Handling your spam problem alone costs time, can lead to mediocre filtering and results in customer dissatisfaction.
5. Opensource filters comprise nearly 100% of the total load on your hosting infrastructure.
6. End-customers expect their webhosts to deliver enterprise-class email security.


Spam Experts solutions protect your network against all email-based, IT network threats. Stop running the risk of your users unknowingly opening harmful attachments or falling victim to phishing or harvesting attacks. What’s more, Spam Experts systems secure your IP ranges from blacklisting and save your networks’ reputation!


The Spam Experts filter system achieves results of around 99.98%, without any fine-tuning required. These unique, self-learning filtering mechanisms quickly understand the emailing behavior of your customers so they only get better with time. The Spam Experts filtering system has a false-positive rate of 0.0001%, or less than one in a million. Even if – for example – a “dubious newsletter” were to be blocked, you and your customers can easily locate it through the 4-tier control panel, in the online quarantine or email-reports and release it, with one click.

Our commitment

By using Spam Experts anti-spam protection, we guarantee that the RapidShare Web Hosting network will remain clean and secure.

Professional backup system

Unlike other providers, we put many efforts in keeping high levels of data security. Our backup system keeps multiple copies of your data on remote backup servers. We use an enterprise backup system which generates the backups on a disk sector level instead of a file system level which most providers use since it is cheaper. Our backup system is integrated in cPanel and our clients can access and restore their backups 24/7.

Backup e-mail server

We know communication is key for every business. Losing communication with clients is a disaster nowadays. Our clients feel comfortable having their key communication hosted with BSNL Web Hosting because we know how important e-mail communication is and we take measures to avoid events of lost e-mail messages. All shared web hosting plans have a backup e-mail server which will deliver the e-mail message in case of a problem with the primary mail server.

How does it work?

Your primary mail server is down and you cannot receive e-mail messages. You are losing important communication in this scenario with other web hosting providers.
With RapidShare Web Hosting the e-mail messages will be delivered to the backup mail server in case of problems with your primary mail server. When your primary mail server is back online the backup mail server will send the e-mail messages to it.
That is a key advantage provided by RapidShare Hosting which you will not find at our competitors. Secure your e-mail communication with one of our web hosting plans today.